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A young teen uses the ZAPS College Vocabulary Challenge app on his smartphone.

It's never too early (or too late) to improve your vocabulary. The ZAPS College Vocabulary Challenge is an educational tool you can use anywhere, anytime - on your computer, tablet, or smartphone - to brush up on the words you're most likely to encounter on college entrance exams. 

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Vocabulary for Success

English vocabulary level highly correlates to reading ability and intelligence levels. Higher vocabulary levels are shown to also strongly relate to your educational success and overall job success.


One of the most important factors of success on the ACT, PSAT, or SAT is the ability to comprehend college-level vocabulary words. But the importance of a high-level vocabulary doesn’t stop with these exams.

Whatever field you decide to pursue, the ability to understand and use advanced vocabulary increases your earning potential and career possibilities.

Getting a head start by building your vocabulary in high school can make a significant difference in the opportunities available to you in college - and in life. 


Focused Study

The ZAPS College Vocabulary Challenge is an online tool that presents college-level words in manageable sets designed to maximize your ability to learn them. Rather than browsing an entire dictionary, you focus your study time on the words you're most likely to encounter on college admissions and scholarship tests.


Use this tool to learn the words you're most likely to see on the SAT, PSAT, and ACT. You'll also get to know words in college-level vocabulary that you'll encounter in future classes. 


ZAPS Test-Taking Strategies 

If you're taking a ZAPS test-prep seminar, using the ZAPS College Vocabulary Challenge provides important practice on PSAT and SAT Critical Reading subtests. The program also gives you essential test-taking tips in the "hints" for each question. The information you'll find here is especially helpful if you haven't yet taken the PSAT or SAT test, or if you want to retake the SAT to improve your score. (If you haven't taken a ZAPS SAT test-prep seminar, look for one in your area here.)


Even though the ACT test doesn't have a comparable critical reading component, ACT test-takers will still be able to apply many of the hints uncovered inside the program


Learn, Challenge, Review 

The ZAPS College Vocabulary Challenge offers the following features, divided into three groups:


    • Study definitions and parts of speech
    • Read example sentences that use words in meaningful context
    • Get more information, including synonyms, antonyms, root words, and/or prefixes
    • Flag certain words for further review


    • Test understanding with SAT-style Critical Reading items 
    • Read tips to learn what to do when you're unsure of the answer
    • Review missed or flagged words automatically 


    • Relearn missed or flagged words
    • Get a score report for each Review
    • Earn badges as a reward for progress
    • Share your success on Facebook or Twitter


It Remembers You!

Of course, the best way to learn is to practice consistently, so we encourage you to use the program regularly.The ZAPS College Vocabulary Challenge is customized to each user, learning from your successes and errors. Each time you access the online tool, it will pick up where you left off last time, even if it's a day, a week, or several months later. 


Free Updates

As we add words, features, and updates to the ZAPS College Vocabulary Challenge, you'll get them automatically - and free of charge. How cool is that?